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Michael Sparling

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Location: Front Royal, VA
Phone: (612) 423-2246


Michael grew up with wide open space as his playground and horses as his companions. Everything was a game, an adventure, he played with purpose - trick riding, “backcountry” camps in the woods, racing full size Quarter horses on his Shetland pony and winning.  Though all his dreams revolved around horses, Michael’s early career led him down an amazing path of world travel, teaching language and history at the university level. He loved language and teaching but somewhere along the line realized he lost the play and had become a practicing adult. Though pursuing his passion he felt himself becoming chauvinistic, autocratic and direct line, not what he wanted to be. Despite his success in academia Michael left that chapter of life behind him to return to his childhood passion - horses. He hasn’t looked back! After a year at Parelli Natural Horsemanship University, Michael was certified as a Licensed 2 Star Parelli Professional. Michael has built a reputation in the Pacific Northwest as a clear communicator with both horses and humans. The Parelli Natural Horse Training program combined with his background in teaching and language gives Michael a unique ability to articulate just what the horse needs in terms we humans can understand. Using simulations and demonstrations, Michael is able to help students feel and see what their body language is communicating to their horse. He has taken his love for languages to the next level - using Parelli to communicate with horses in a language they understand and helping you do the same. Most importantly, Michael loves what he does and it shows! 



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