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Kristi Smith

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Horse Development Specialist
Location: Ladora, IA
Phone: 319-430-2149


I was born with the horse gene.  As far back as I can remember, I have been in love with this majestic creature. In my early 20's I set out to become a professional horse trainer. I just wanted to fill my life with horses.  I attended the Horse Science program at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, IA with the goal of becoming a professional colt starter.  However, a few trips to the emergency room caused me to realize that my dream had turned into my nightmare. I lost my confidence and my dream of becoming a horse professional died.  I continued to play with my own horses recreationally and study Parelli Natural Horsemanship as a hobby. 

Then, in 2004 I applied for and was chosen to do a horsemanship lesson with Linda Parelli at a tour stop in Council Bluffs, Iowa. It was there that my dream was reborn. I learned more about who I wanted to be as a person and horseman in those 2 hours than I had in the previous 10 years. Prior to that experience I had been a fan of Parelli, but after that I became the truly obsessed!.

Since then I have been on a journey of never ending self improvement both at the Parelli Centers and at home. I have taken 40 weeks of courses on both the Florida and Colorado campuses. I toured with Linda and Pat Parelli for 6 months in 2006. I spent nearly 3 years on the faculty team teaching at the Parelli campuses all over the world. During that time I had the great privilege of taking lessons from both Linda and Pat.  I also participated in 3 colt start courses with 4 Star Parelli Instructor Rob McCullif as well as taking several private lessons from the dressage master Walter Zetl. I have been a field instructor since 2009.  I have also been priveleged to teach Parelli in the UK, Dubai, Sweden, and Australia.  And most recently I have taken on the role of campus manager in Pagosa Springs, CO for the summer season of 2013.

I am now level 4 graduate, 4 star instructor, and horse development specialist ready to help students achieve level 4 On Line, at Liberty, FreeStyle and Finesse. I look forward to sharing all that has been shared with me!.

Keep it natural,

Kristi Smith


Ladora, IA